Week 15/52 Downward

Posted: May 10, 2012 in 52 Week Challenge
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I had all kinds of ‘Downward’ point of view shots popping into my head this week, but in the end I tried this shot of a ‘Downward’ traveling water drop…

A lot more went into taking this shot than you might imagine, first I changed the lens on my Sony alpha 700 to a 70-400mm G zoom lens so that I could frame very tight on the tap. My ISO was at 100 and my shutter speed 1/250 @ F6.7 to kill off any ambient light. I then added a Yongnuo 560 flash on 1/16th power with no light mod from camera left at a 90 deg  to the tap, part of this flashes light beam was flagged to stop light from reaching the out of focus tiles in the background. A Nikon SB-24 flash on 1/32 power was bounced off some white card from in front of the tap to light up the water drop a little more.

Next Weeks Theme is ‘Detailed’


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