Week 8/52 Unwind

Posted: March 22, 2012 in 52 Week Challenge
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This weeks shot come to you courtesy of a destroyed apple kitchen timer, an unwound one to be exact!

I used 2 lights to do this shot, a Yongnuo 560 flash on 1/128th power and zoomed to its max 105mm, snooted and the snoot partialy flagged at the bottom to prevent light spill onto the counter top I was shooting on. It was placed to camera right and angled downward at about 45 degrees. The second light, a Nikon SB-24 on 1/64th power, was also snooted and directed from behind and to left of the frame at  90 degrees so that I can use the feathered edge of the light beam to give some shape to the top of the timer.

My camera was the trusty Sony Aplha 700 on ISO 100, 1/250 at F8.

Next Week’s Theme is “Rain”


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