Another week where a lack of lateral thinking plagued me, I was given a few really great ideas by some friends but quite honestly with my propensity to avoid spending excessive amounts of time in front of Photoshop and time constraints experienced from my day job. *Then of course there is my prolific social calendar of sowing mischief and mayhem. I decided to break out my Lens-baby Fish Eye lens and wonder into the forbidden and perilous world of Johannesburg’s inner city. For those unfamiliar with this lens its a totally manual lens even the aperture has to manually changed by unscrewing the lens from the housing and inserting the desired aperture ring, no auto focus functionality and zooming in or out is done with your feet by moving closer or further away from your subject.

For this shot I bracketed 8 shots at 2 stop intervals ranging from 30sec to 1/8 @ f8 on ISO 100, and blended into a HDR image as near as dammit to what my eye saw.

Next weeks theme is “Blaze”

*added to maintain the perceptions of friends and family who have yet to fully grasp the complexities of me :p LOL


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